Control and Research Analysis Thermoplastics

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CARAT is a dynamic company with many years of experience in the fields of

  • the analysis of thermoplastics,
  • the development of analytical methods and
  • the development and maintenance of quality systems

Especially with the currently rapidly changing requirements, CARAT can provide you with information that helps you make the right decisions.

Control analysis

Our laboratory technicians who carry out the control analyses have professional experience in the field of testing and evaluating thermoplastics of various origins:

  • Production waste
  • Regrind
  • Recyclate
  • Off-grade material
  • 1A Material

We specialise in confirming specifications as well as identifying deviations. In order to support you in responsible decision-making, in addition to a pure presentation of test values, an explanation of the choice of analyses and their significance is also included on request.

Injection moulding

On request, we can produce plates from your raw material. In the long run, we also want to work according to externally standardised methods. A detailed report with information about the machine settings and an assessment are part of our service.

Thermal properties

Even a simple test on the melting bench can reveal many secrets. A further assessment of the thermal properties is possible with the help of the DSC. Using the Vicat method, we determine the maximum temperature load capacity of the plastics.

Mechanical properties

In addition to the hardness, specified in Shore, we are able to test the impact strength according to Charpy as well as Izod. These properties in particular are decisive for many applications.

Visual assessment

The visual assessment forms the basis for the choice from the many different methods of analysis. Microscopy, for example, can be a suitable aid here. In addition, FTIR, a spectrometric method, with the inclusion of an extensive library, offers the basis for a responsible choice from the many possibilities for quality control. Standardised colour measurements will also be possible in the near future.

Rheological standardised properties

MFR, MFI Solution viscosity, both relative and viscosity number in various solvents. In addition, we determine the IV via the melt viscosity of PET. By refining this method, the results agree with those of the usual solution method. Our goal is to accredit this method according to ISO 17025.

Internally standardised analyses

In addition, the standard information below can help to compile a customised analysis report for you: Presence of metals Moisture content Density and melt density Ash content, both inorganic and pyrolytic extraction content, etc. The above methods are standardised within CARAT. We vouch for our test results.

Research Analysis

The employees of the analytical laboratory have experience both in the field of quality management and in the application of new test methods for the field of thermoplastics. Especially in this time, when environmental legislation is subject to strong innovations and changes, trustworthy analyses can be a source of developing new opportunities. CARAT can offer you support in finding solutions in the confusion of changing requirements – from institutions as well as from customers.

On this page we will inform you regularly about news at CARAT-Lab.

Thermal analysis

With our current equipment (DSC), we are able to display the thermal behaviour of thermoplastics. The evaluation of thermograms gives you insight into the thermal properties and the possible uses of the material.


In addition to the qualitative analysis of additives, it is also possible to perform quantitative analyses with our equipment. A fingerprint of a material can also be created. This makes incoming inspection easier. CARAT can help you with both the analysis and the set-up of methods.


A guaranteed assessment via the qualitative as well as the quantitative analysis by our ICP-OES is also part of our possibilities. Especially in times of strongly changing legislation, CARAT can offer you a reliable result.


Our EDX gives you the opportunity to test your material for the presence of various heavy metals using a quick screening. This qualitative method also provides information on limitations for various application possibilities. In case of any uncertainties, the quantitative analysis with our ICP-OES provides the necessary certainty.

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